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The Spark

You know the feeling.
Staring at an overflowing closet, with a never-ending sense of having nothing to wear. Clothing with seams coming apart after only a few turns in the wash.

It began with simply wanting to understand ‘quality.’

The Facts

What we uncovered was the why behind our low-quality goods. A system training us to buy more and more products of increasingly lower quality by an industry that hides the outrageously high environmental and social cost of its production.
80 billion pieces of clothing are churned out every single year. That’s 400% more than just 20 years ago.
A massive contributor to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, second only to the oil industry. And clothes infused with chemicals that don’t wash out, that our skin keeps absorbing long after those clothes have left the factory floor.
An industry that employs one in every six people on the planet, hidden in a shadow system that intrinsically uses child and forced labor.

The Cost

All that cost for something that falls apart and has replaced style with trends?

The New Standard

It’s a systemic issue. We’re not afraid of that. We’re building a company that proves there is a better way.
We’re making clothes what they should be: Clothes that fit. Clothes that feel great. Pieces that inspire.
This isn’t a trend.
This Is The New Standard.